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Digital marketing agencies

Why are people increasingly searching for digital marketing agencies on Google since the health restrictions?

The Covid-19 is increasingly violent. It has even managed to take the entire world by storm and cripple key sectors of the global economy. Staying at home every day while telecommuting or even on short-time working did not help matters at all. Faced with this, the businesses took a big hit. Fortunately, there is the internet. This small, very efficient tool that allows you to make purchases, or to order meals while staying at home. Faced with covid-19 and its consequences, agencies digital marketing are more important than ever. In this article, we'll tell you why.

Digital Marketing Agencies Guarantee Your Online Presence

Nowadays, digital technology has taken on a dazzling pace. Indeed, the majority of French people use a tablet, smartphone or computer. Online shopping and reservations have become commonplace. Since the news of the pandemic and the health restrictions, the number of users of electronic devices has exploded. Le Monde magazine revealed that 62% of smartphone users spend more time in front of their screens. It then becomes very natural that companies should increase their virtual presence. To do this, we must go through a reorganization of marketing campaigns. And a agency of digital marketing to do it is the competent institution to do it. The month of September is a glaring example (see graph above) + 69% of searches in France for the word “digital marketing agency”. October it stabilized at only -12% (from + 69%) which represents 880 searches in October and 1000 in September !

Digital marketing agencies help increase awareness

When you own an e-commerce site, you have to be present on the Net, but not only. To guarantee a surge in sales, you have to be known, you have to have notoriety . People need to know you. And this is where digital marketing agencies come in. They master the various techniques dedicated to improving your online reputation.

Digital marketing agencies help secure a relationship with customers

To grow your business and increase conversion rates, you need to be in touch with customers. Creating and maintaining a social connection online is not easy. This kind of work is the responsibility of digital marketing agencies. A digital marketing agency masters the different techniques that make it possible to create and strengthen the links between customers and the company.

A digital marketing agency knows how to build customer loyalty

When developing a digital marketing strategy, always include customer retention techniques. The latter then make it possible to guarantee a reliable and obviously attached clientele. With the new health context, many traffic upheavals are observed in different sectors. This is the case, for example, in the fashion sector which is seeing its turnover decline. This decrease is explained by the fact that many users no longer leave their homes or spend as much as before on things they do not find "important". Faced with this, the competence and expertise of a digital marketing agency would be welcome.