9 / BONUS: Why and how to use the Google Display network

BONUS: Why and how to use the Google Display Network

Why and how to use the Google Display network

The Display Network is used to display text-based ads as well as image, video, and rich media (interactive) ads.

The display also allows re-targeting (re-targeting or re-marketing) of displaying advertisements to people who have visited your site but have not achieved a conversion goal.

  • How does Display Advertising work?

Il s’agit de faire de la publicité sur l’ensemble des sites partenaires de Google qui acceptent l’affichage de publicité provenant des annonceurs de Google.

A surfer spends an average of only 5% of his time on the internet for research ...

Ce qui signifie donc qu’il passe 95% de son temps à consulter des sites (news, blogs, sites thématiques, videos sur youtube, etc.), mais aussi à communiquer (réseaux sociaux, emails…) et à consommer (commerce électronique, avis de consommateurs…). Avec le réseau Display, vous pouvez toucher ces internautes pendant ces activités.

The Google Display Network (GDN) includes a network of millions of partner sites where you can place your ads as well as Google-owned sites like YouTube, or Gmail.

Display can target consumers at different stages of the buying cycle and usually upstream when they are actively searching for information or wanting to buy your product. So this is a different use of the classic Adwords "Search" ad.

Displayed alongside texts and images of the page that distributes it, your advertisements will either be in the form of text advertisements (as in Search) or in graphic advertisements (often called banners) which are fixed or animated images in various formats, either in video.

L’intérêt principal du Display est d’accroitre votre visibilité tout en pouvant cibler votre public. Vous pouvez toucher des clients à fort potentiel qui n’effectuent pas encore de recherches actives sur votre marque ou vos produits, mais qui interagissent avec du contenu en ligne plus ou moins lié à votre domaine d’activité.

Web-based display ads also make it easier for consumers, having memorized your offer, to click on your ads when they are searching on Google.

  • Exploit the visual power of image ads (banners)?

Here are some numbers to convince you to make the effort to create banners. 30% of sites in the entire network of partner sites accept graphic ads, in addition to text ads. Some only accept display ads.

Of course, as with Search bids exist and the cost of the click goes up if there are more competitors.

Display ads are ads that use images, animations

Flash, de la vidéo et d’autres technologies, qui apparaissent à côté du contenu des éditeurs.

They can be broadcast on computers and smartphones.

With a banner, you can get CTRs 3 to 10 times larger than with text ads. Why ? The illustrations attract much more attention. And if your message is good and you are at a place frequented by your audience, it clicks!

You must attract attention, communicate about the reality of your prospect and pass your message that must be a call to action and a promise of what he will get.

  • In summary

The Display is not suitable for all business. But I advise you to test its effectiveness. The Display generates on average 20% of the total number of conversions!

L’un des facteurs clés de la réussite du Display réside dans la capacité de Google à utiliser son moteur contextuel pour diffuser des annonces à côté du contenu le plus pertinent.

The combination of targeting features allows you to create a set of ads and reach a wide audience, paying only the click.

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