7 / How to create ads that hit Google Adwords

How to create ads that work on Google Adwords

Create ads that hit well

Google enforces a set of rules for writing ads.

An announcement aims to highlight the specific assets of your products, your services, your site, to encourage the person to click on it.

In addition, an ad is linked to an ad group, which is linked to a campaign

(CF : Make your first campaign on Google Adwords).

  • Rules and instructions

Ads may be declined or suspended if they do not comply with the following rules:



- Maximum number of characters : The title, text, and URL of your ad must meet the specified limits.

- Prices, Discounts, and Special Offers : If your ad mentions a price, discount, or special offer, these must be clearly displayed on your website.

- Punctuation marks and symbols : The exclamation point can not be used in the title of an ad, and the description lines can only contain one.

The characters "~", "| " , " * " are forbidden. However, you can distinguish yourself by using other characters such as the following: • + = - ...? ^ ¢ ¤ ¥ etc.

- Phrases prohibited : It is forbidden to write "click here" in an advertisement. Superlatives such as "the best", "the most", etc. are also to be avoided, as well as the words totally written in capital letters.



- Links : The display URL must contain your domain name. Links to your website must allow users to easily access and exit the landing page.

- Pop-up windows : Destination URLs should never point to pop-ups

- URLs redirected : Advertisers can not use destination URLs that automatically redirect users to another site.

  • Tips on Writing your ads
  • Be clear, use only simple words, without jargon.
  • Be attractive, interesting.
  • Insérez les mots clés dans votre texte d’annonce, le plus souvent dans le titre. Les termes de la recherche présents dans l’annonce seront affichés en gras.
  • Highlight what sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Describe the features or promotions you are alone to offer.
  • Include prices (This can filter out "bad" leads).
  • Incitez à l’action : « Découvrez, achetez, commandez, téléchargez, inscrivez-vous… »
  • Use a precise displayed URL that points to the correct landing page

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