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Illustration Conseiller marketing pour Pole Position MarketC’est clair que c’est un point extrêmement important !

Every society is different whether it be by:

  • the size
  • the product
  • the job
  • the strategy
  • l’objectif final
  • the budget
  • l’état d’avancement sur le plan marketing

Based on this observation and our experience, we decided to make two improvements to the management of our customers. The first is to no longer have a sales team in 1st contact. We have understood this and we have adapted our working method for your comfort. You will have to deal directly with a marketing advisor at Pole Position Market . No subcontracting or third party company using our name. All for greater transparency and a higher level of quality. The marketing advisor will therefore be your first and last contact . They can contact you regarding existing Google Ads campaigns for 'free audit , it is also he who can detect the good from the bad to help you go further without changing your marketing budget.

Now that you've officially understood the first point, that of having a direct marketing advisor and not several intermediaries, some of whom have interests other than the evolution of your marketing and therefore your success.


The second area of improvement for our service is based on the most direct shortcut to avoid any error, misunderstanding between services, loss of information, etc. Your marketing advisor will be responsible for helping you design from a marketing plan to the realization and follow-up of it. There will be no time or number constraints to manage your marketing as effectively as possible. Like your bank advisor whom you have known for years and to whom you give your complete confidence for the management of your finances, your marketing advisor will do the same for your business.


Direct contact with a marketing expert and not a salesperson. This advisor will become your only point of contact for better management of your marketing. 

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