6 / Make your first campaign on Google Adwords

Make your first campaign on Google Adwords

Unlike traditional advertising intrusive (TV, radio, press, social networks…), Google AdWords is permission based.

These are individuals who are looking for your products and services. The whole stake is therefore to be visible at this precise moment !

This is not so easy because Google Adwords remains a complex tool that must learn to master and optimize.

  • Organization of an Adwords campaign

Before you create an ad, it's important to know the three-level structure of your Google AdWords account. 

Google AdWords est organisé en trois niveaux : le niveau “compte”, le niveau “campagnes” et le niveau “groupes d’annonces”.

  1. Your account is associated with an email address, password, and unique banking information.
  2. Your campaigns have their own budget and their own parameters that determine where ads are shown.
  3. Your ad groups contain a set of similar ads and keywords associates.
  • At the level of each campaign you will decide:

The daily budget

- Location targeting (Zones) You can target your ads to specific countries, territories, regions, cities, and geo-targeting areas.

- Linguistic targeting (choice of language of Internet users)

- Delivery Mode : Choose Standard. In the case where your budget does not allow you to be displayed for each request, your ads will be shown at regular intervals, rather than being all displayed at the beginning of the day.

- End dates : You can expect a campaign to stop at a predefined time

- Networks and devices : PCs, smartphones and tablets

- Bid options : Automatic bidding (strongly discouraged, especially at the start) or max CPC bidding (Maximum Cost Per Click: To be used). This is the amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad.

- The Budget : You set the maximum daily budget to allocate to each campaign. Your budget multiplied by 30 days therefore gives you your maximum spending potential per month.

- Broadcast Schedule : Whether to show certain days or times of the week your AdWords ads.

- Ads Rotation : Optimized or Alternate

List of types : Click an item in the list of types to view or search data for the account, campaign, or ad group you have selected. For example, select a campaign in the tree view, then select "Keywords" from the list of types to display the keywords for that campaign in the data view.

Alternate : Each of your ads will run the same number of times. For an overview of the performance of the ads shown. Once you have enough clicks to decide which is the "bad" in view of their CTR, you stop it.


NB: If you let Google optimize, you will not decide yourself and leave it the choice, without objective visibility of performance ...

  • At the level of each ad group you will choose:

- A keyword set

- One or more ads . So that's where all your work is. Lists of keywords and corresponding ads.

Il s’agit de site Web partenaires de Google qui acceptent d’afficher de la pub. Presque tout type de page ou de site Web peut en faire partie (sites d’actualité, blogs, magazines, places de marché, réseaux, sites marchands…). Cela inclue également YouTube, Gmail… Le réseau display regroupe des millions de sites sur lesquels vos annonces AdWords peuvent donc être diffusées.

  • Presentation of the Adwords interface
  1. Toolbar - The toolbar is at the top of AdWords. Use the buttons to open or add an account, download the latest changes, check or integrate changes into your AdWords account, and view your account statistics.
  2. Tree : Use the tree view to select or find the account, campaign, or ad group you want to view or edit. Click the arrow next to the account or campaign name to expand or collapse the view.
  3. Liste des types: cliquez sur un élément dans la liste des types afin d’afficher ou de rechercher des données pour le compte, la campagne ou le groupe d’annonces que vous avez sélectionnés. Par exemple, sélectionnez une campagne dans l’arborescence, puis sélectionnez “Mots clés” dans la liste des types pour afficher les mots clés de cette campagne dans l’affichage des données.
  4. Data View - The data view shows the content of the account, campaign, or ad group. This content varies depending on the selections you made in the tree view and in the list of types.
  5. Control Panel : When you select a row in the data view, you can edit it in the control panel or edit the selected row directly.

Watch this demo video of the Adwords interface below:

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