4 / Should we do natural referencing (SEO) or paid referencing (SEA)?

Should we do SEO (SEO) or paid search (SEA)?    

Sponsored links and SEO are complementary .

You must have a strategy to obtain an excellent natural referencing because this traffic is free and allows the visibility of your site.

However, you should also buy sponsored links for three basic reasons :

  • Know the keywords that bring quality traffic. That is significant traffic and traffic that converts into customers or prospects. So you can quickly optimize your natural referencing for these searches.
  • You will never be able to optimize your SEO for all the interesting expressions. So, you need to use AdWords the missing positions, so you do not leave the field open to your competitors and be present on vital keywords.
  • Given the evolution of Google's results pages, the proportion of space allocated to natural results (SEO) is only decreasing. There is no reason for this to change.
  • SEO and SEA, complementary levers

In order to optimize your digital strategy on search engines, it is therefore advisable to combine natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA) to gain visibility. These two strategies combined, will increase your traffic by 15 to 25% and therefore your number of prospects if your targeting is well done. This is simply caused by the fact that your presence on the first page is higher. By having a dual presence, your site takes up twice as much space on the results page.

Pole Position Market , with its experience and know-how can help you in this process. So don't hesitate, contact us , and let's build together a Multi lever strategy adapted to your environment and your market.

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