Pole Position Market and web scams

Pole Position Market et les arnaques du web

Digital marketing is growing and has been for the past 10 years. It is therefore unfortunately normal to see on the web a variety of offers, miracle solutions in this area. As the digital communication market is growing exponentially, various players wish to integrate this vast universe. This is when the problems start! Why would you tell me?

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The good and bad actors of web marketing

The goal is not to make accusations or even bad publicity; but to explain the basic rules to you to recognize the seriousness of the structure with which you will be brought to collaborate… or not!
As explained a little above, the digital market is vast! Google holds 90% of the market share in the field of paid advertising! Something to stir up envy, for good or bad. The scams are numerous but very often hidden. This is when it gets complicated.

Let's define together the different possible intermediaries:

    1. Yourself. Indeed Google has worked a lot on its client interface so that everyone can create and manage their campaigns. In this case, we are not talking about a scam at all but more often about a lack of technical knowledge in the field. Which usually gives us poorly configured campaigns and poor performance.
    2. A freelancer. Simple and complicated subject at the same time to determine the seriousness of the person. Not being the representative of any structure, you are automatically impacted by its rules, availability and technical skills. We recommend that you choose a freelancer that you know personally or professionally. However, avoid working with freelancers based in countries like India or Africa. Their costs are often lower but the quality goes with it. Otherwise, there are also individual certifications that Google makes available to people who have passed technical exams. You have the right to request it.
    3.  Une agence. L’agence web est censée être un gage de qualité et de professionnalisme. Cependant, cette règle n’est pas toujours respectée. Il faut donc se baser sur les compétences de votre interlocuteur. Majoritairement, les commerciaux sont les premiers interlocuteurs, ce qui n’est pas un bon point ! En effet un commercial a toujours un système de rémunération basé sur des ventes… Il aura donc toujours l’intérêt de vous vendre quelque chose. Attention ! Nous ne disons pas que tous les commerciaux sont mauvais mais le système et tel qu’il est. Chez Pole Position Market vous êtes en contact direct avec un account manager (gestionnaire de compte) soit un technicien de niveau 1 ou 2 qui vous donnera un retour rapide, clair et concis ! Il aura d’autant plus de facilité à comprendre vos attentes, les interpréter techniquement et vous proposer un audit sur mesure.

      Les certifications Google ont aussi leur importance pour une agence web. Dans notre cas, nous sommes Google Partenaire, cela signifie que nous répondons à des critères imposés par Google de façon précise. Ce statut est en général, un gage de qualité, surtout quand la société dépend de la charte de Google sur son utilisation !


In short, the technical level, the certifications and the Google Partner badge are the basis of the qualities that your interlocutor must have. You should not hesitate to be direct with your contact. We are still talking about the marketing of your company!

You will find below that despite these basic checks, there is unfortunately a plethora of dishonest structures.

Google Ads scams (adwords)

Scammers have many ways of doing things. We do not know them all but we will try to explain those already listed, in particular those which may use a known name or not. And yes, some have no qualms about using our name Pole Position Market , or even pretending to be Google !

When in doubt, ALWAYS ask the question: Are you GOOGLE? In the event of evasive answers, the interlocutor should certainly not work for Google.

The best known is the extremely low management fees for your CPC campaigns. Usually the person is based in Africa or India, they will really “work” for you but with an extremely low level of quality and expertise that will cost you more on Google Ads, as well as poor feedback and CPC going on the rise. In this case, it's a matter of common sense ... "You can't have butter and money from butter"

Another solution known and as old as the world is to "beat all the competition". Unfortunately, some still fall into it. The scammer or low-end caller will try to sell you exponential return on investment (ROI) as long as you sign with them. Be aware that Google prohibits all guarantees of this type! Quite simply because they are totally impracticable! Once again, use your common sense and ask yourself the following question:

If this person is able to guarantee me a ROI, why not do it for themselves?

The rest is predictable, he will tell you about competitors (known or not) and denigrate their work to put his own forward. By comparison, you will never see Pole Position Market criticize or belittle the work of a third party. Why will you tell me?

Pole Position Market brings a sharp technical expertise in the field of web marketing. Knowing your job also means recognizing the value of your employees and the cost of their skills. Everything has a price and lowering the competition is irrelevant. And then didn't SHAKESPEARE say:

"There is no shortage of good advisers"

You should know that each solution has its strengths and weaknesses. Our job is above all, a duty to advise our clients while being as transparent as possible about their expectations and objectives.


The latest method known to our services is based on "miracle solutions".

We owe it to you to warn you that we have seen and heard articles circulating on the internet with solutions that look like two drops of water to ours. In this case, trust only your advisor and check that the email address with which you receive documents or the like ends with @ pole-positionmarket.com

Miracle solutions

We will try to list you what we have seen and heard. Since the subject has many variables, do not hesitate to speak with your Pole Position Market advisor.

Let's start with the most recurring one. The UNLIMITED click. So where do you start? As you know the Google Ads system is based on CPC (Cost per click) or even (Cost per click). In short, the system revolves around a keyword auction. All existing strategies revolve around CPC. It is therefore complicated to offer you unlimited clicks when ... that does not exist! To make this dream come true you would have to own this patented system to provide this possibility. 


Other types of guarantees:

  • The guaranteed turnover,
  •  absolute position,
  •  fixed position,
  •  to get paid after achieving a result regardless of ADS budgets. 
  • a guaranteed fixed quantity of traffic or even a number of clicks at a fixed price.

In summary what to remember:

Strictly speaking, any guarantee on Google services is strictly impossible.

This means that you base your “guarantees” on the shoulders of your freelance or web agency. Make the good choice ! Take the time to learn about it.

In conclusion

Choosing the right partner to manage communication for your business is not as easy or straightforward as it seems. Sometimes wanting to save on benefit costs may result in more expense than expected.

Above all, you have to choose an interlocutor who will devote time to your file, who is able to understand your needs both logistically and technically on a specific topic. Mr "I know everything" often does not know much unfortunately. But above all that he does not "promise you the moon" at the risk of seeing his marketing budgets "drift into space" 

A question ? A doubt ? A need for information?

Do not hesitate to contact us at +33 975128188 or fill out our form online. A SEA or SEO Pole Position Market technician will answer you as quickly as possible, in a simple, clear and concise manner.

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