3 / What is AdWords SEO, commonly known as paid listing?

What is AdWords SEO commonly known as paid search?

We talk about paid search, or SEA (Search Engine Advertising), when we use the advertising services (sponsored links) of different search engines, such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

Links from the SEA are displayed in the results pages above natural links, and sometimes in sidebar or footer. They are distinguished from organic links by a graphic element (small panel "Announcement", colored background, ...). In France, Google is the leader in search engines (91% of users use it on a daily basis), we often summarize the SEA AdWords SEO, which does not prevent to use the services of competing engines. AdWords SEO works on a bidding system: a well-optimized (High Quality Score) and accurately estimated ad (with a cleverly defined click-by-click CPC) will display a link to a site before that of the competitors. The main advantage of advertising services like AdWords is their very high responsiveness: once launched, the campaign can appear in the results pages in less than ten minutes. Visibility and traffic gains are instantaneous.

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With certified Google AdWords experts, we can support your campaigns, or support you in their implementation through our dedicated services

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The mission of this one will be to make you appear as high as possible in the natural results (results in green in the diagram below), and without ever appearing in red (a good SEO brings you traffic without paying a single penny to search engines).

  • The relevance of SEO Adwords for a brand

With certified Google AdWords experts, we can support your campaigns, or support you in their implementation through our dedicated services



Many companies use paid SEO services as the only visibility lever, proof of its effectiveness. Indeed, the SEA is a particularly practical tool since it is precise: the costs, the gains, the targeted keywords, the number of clicks, all the information useful for the establishment of a campaign are encrypted, unlike SEO whose actions may seem more abstract. In fact, Google AdWords SEO is very popular because it allows you to define exactly the ROI (Return On Investment) of corporate actions, which many companies are looking for.

In a development strategy, AdWords and paid referencing in general, will allow a brand to be placed very quickly on highly visible positions. It is also advisable to position yourself punctually on important but seasonal requests (for example, at the start of the school year, or for the end-of-year celebrations, depending on the activity of the brand).

  • The SEA in addition to SEO

Using AdWords and other link promotion services is not at all incompatible with an SEO strategy. In reality, these two techniques can very well coexist, or even complement each other, to combine the advantages:

SEA Waiting for SEO : AdWords campaigns can be set up to be visible on keywords while reaching the top positions in natural search . And even when the first place is reached in SEO, keep a sponsored link can not lose the traffic it brings and gain confidence with users.

> SEA to strengthen SEO : Google AdWords SEO can be very useful for appearing on secondary queries where a site is not necessarily well positioned in natural. The SEA then quickly gains visibility and traffic on additional keywords.

The SEA to test the relevance of SEO : by observing the impact (visits and profitability) of an AdWords presence on keywords considered for SEO, the SEA can confirm or deny the interest in positioning itself in a sustainable way.

The SEA for one-off visibility : Paid search is particularly powerful when it comes to being very present on seasonal requests or related to specific events. Where SEO requires a certain amount of time, AdWords SEO ensures an immediate presence (if done correctly).

  • The forces of paid referencing 
  • Immediate visibility
  • High reactivity of campaigns
  • Profitability tracking
  • Precise targeting of Internet users
  • Ideal for one-off actions
  • Our vision of Google Adwords SEO

While it may seem simple to handle, the AES remains a mechanism for promoting complex links to master. That's why we have chosen experts to build, launch and monitor the campaigns of our partners. We see paid search as a solution to multiple possibilities. To make your site gain notoriety and visibility or to generate traffic. Because employed where it is most relevant, the SEA proves to be an extremely powerful lever. We seek to optimize as much as possible all the operations we undertake.

This is all the more beneficial to you that a poorly managed Google AdWords SEO campaign can change. What will you say to me? In a real money pit. Because poorly optimized, based on low quality ads, your actions will require heavy expenses! All for a presence in good positions very far from guaranteed. If the SEA can ensure a very high profitability, poorly controlled, it can also guarantee the opposite.

Pole Position Market , with its experience and know-how can help you in this process. So don't hesitate, contact us , and let's build together a Multi lever strategy adapted to your environment and your market.

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