1 / What is web marketing?

What is Web Marketing

Le média web (Web Marketing) par opposition au media classique (TV, presse et radio) a un avantage certain : tout est quantifiable !

Starting from this observation, different strategies are possible, 14/5000 whether it's conversational marketing with the SMO, SEARCH with the natural referencing or SEO, intention marketing with sponsored link campaigns or SEM.


For a successful webmarketing strategy, it's important to ask the right questions:

  • What are my goals? Traffic, reputation, profitability
  • How to position myself in a new market?
  • How to arrive in the first answers of the search engines?
  • What are the priority actions to implement?
  • How to create a digital media plan?
  • Quel est mon coût par acquisition ?
  • What return on investment does it claim?

A multitude of questions that will have to be answered before defining his action plan. Our SEO experts are fully able to enlighten you on these topics by offering you the most effective solutions to boost your web visibility and conversion rates of your site.

  • Measure the effectiveness of its webmarketing strategy

As said before, the quantifiable aspect of the data on the web is a real gift as we can easily be aware of our performance by setting up relevant ratios according to our starting goals. So, depending on the goals you want to achieve, we'll let you know your web performance with the implementation of KPI (Key Performance Indicators). These will give you the opportunity to know the effectiveness of your webmarketing strategy conducted. Here are some examples of recurring, simple and effective KPI, to see how it performs on the web:

  • The conversion rate corresponding to the number of purchases on the site / number of visits;
  • The average of pages viewed per visit;
  • The average basket of visitors;
  • The average time spent on the site, on each page ...

Thus, using this type of indicator before and after setting up webmarketing solutions will make you aware of your web performance. Pole Position Market , with its experience and expertise can help you in this process. So do not hesitate contact us , and let's build together a Multi lever strategy adapted to your environment and your market.

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