Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

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Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

With the "new digital world", it has become impossible to ignore digital marketing regardless of your industry or the services you offer. Especially during the pandemic process, with the "digital transformation", many companies have started to make their sales online. It shows us that; It is not enough to create a website. It is necessary to use all social media platforms effectively. So what is happening on social media platforms in 2021?


Let's start with the most well-known social media platform, Facebook. Until 5 years ago, almost all of us used Facebook. However, the latest data shows that the new generation does not prefer Facebook. 55% of users are aged 60 and over. If you have a business targeting the younger generation, you should prefer other platforms. Facebook will also have predicted it, incorporating platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Although he activated the "story" feature, which is an Instagram feature, it was not accepted by young people. Facebook is still a big platform and widely used in many countries. However, you need to be more careful who you are targeting here. Otherwise, you will be wasting both your money and your time.


Instagram, the second largest social media platform, has popped up frequently in recent times. It is especially used by the younger generation. One of the reasons the platform is preferred is that it is visually oriented. Especially during the pandemic period, users have spent most of their time sharing stories and posts on this platform. The “Reels” feature, which it launched as a Snapchat competitor in 2021, has also been accepted by users. In this way, he did not lose the new generation. While adding new features, it continues to update existing features. Recently, Instagram removed the number of user likes. Yes, you can no longer see how many people liked their Instagram post. Instagram also provides quality advertising for your business. You can both give great content and advertise it on Instagram. In particular, digital marketing agencies frequently use the Instagram advertising model. One of the main reasons for this is that you get more results on a smaller budget.

What advertising models can we use?

  • Interaction oriented
  • Access oriented
  • Traffic oriented
Ads Platforms
Ads Platforms

On top of all that, you can advertise your store on Instagram. However, it is no longer preferred due to the pandemic. If you are sure of the target audience for your business, Instagram has some great


Chatbots Marketing
Chatbots Marketing

Artificial intelligence can now be found in all areas of our lives. Chatbots are the best example. They have improved so much lately that they have started to work as a customer service. Especially in companies with limited human resources, it is often preferable to fulfill its mission of basic customer service. So what are the most important features of chatbots that make them stand out?

  • Be able to respond immediately and correctly to the customer
  • 24 hour uninterrupted service

Email advertising

Email remains an important communication channel used by millions of people for business and personal purposes. Although email marketing seems more traditional, it is evolving and being used day by day. General-appealing emails give way to automation. Emil marketing gives excellent results, especially when combined with remarketing . If you have an e-commerce site, you should definitely use the e-mail marketing method.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) continues to renew itself as the best method of organic traffic, which has not been outdated for years. SEO updates, which Google calls "Core", continue to affect the search results of our sites. As this subject is too detailed to be summarized, you can follow the latest developments under the heading “ What's going on in SEO in 2021 “. Despite the pandemic, now is the time to get to work… Join the digital transformation now!